Trading and Contracting

since 1974



- New Contract for the rehabilitation of 4 power Plants in North Lebanon

- Lighting of the Cargo Area at RHIA

Our Infrastructure

Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering is typically outsourced by our deign department.

Our Specific deigns would be lead by our principles deign departments (PETITJEAN, AL BABTAIN, RAGNI, FICHTNER, KOESSLER, CAIROMATIC...)


Quality Assurance

Every activity is governed by a stringent quality assurance plan when required.

Moreover, engineering quality and workmanship of projects adheres to most of the international codes.


SLOMIA follows matched code of practice as regard to Quality Assurance as third party inspection are offered upon request prior to shipments all over the world




Work execution, when requested, is usually performed by our team of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers and technicians that abide by set procedures.


Sales & Marketing

Consist of a dynamic team primary comprising engineers with excellent understanding of sound technlologies eagrly delivers, presentations to assist the clients in the right selection of equipments and systems.

Our Main Activity

- Street Lighting and Decorative street Lighting

- Stadium Lighting

- Water and wastewater treatment plants (Construction, Operation &  


- Water Supply Equipment and Accessories

- Electro- Mechanical and hydraulic installations (Pumping Stations and

  Emergency Power Generators) - Submersible pumping systems.

- Hydro Power Equipment but also Spare parts & Secondary equipment.

- Hardscaping and Street Furniture

- Air pollution Control Systems

- Hydro seeding

- Environmental Services

- HV power lines, MV and LV Substations

- Special Geotechnical Works, Soil investigation, dewatering schemes, 

   shoring systems, dynamic compaction…


Our Brands

- BAYARD                          

- PETITJEAN SA                 

- AL BABTAIN SA                

- GUGLER GMBH                

- HUOT                              

- HPL                                 

- LACROIX SOFREL             

- RAGNI                             

- ATP lighting                     

- SAFEGATE ADB Airfield Lighting

- TELEMAC